Community Preschool Music Programh

In 2017, Community Preschool launched a comprehensive music program in the classrooms.  Ms. Kristen, a certified Music Together instructor, brings her expertise and experience to class each month.  During each 20 minute session, children, teachers and special parent helpers-of-the-day are led through a research-based music curriculum focusing on pitch, rhythm, speech development, small and large motor skills and of course – FUN!  But the musical learning doesn’t end when Ms. Kristen leaves.  Classroom teachers completed a specialized training to help them incorporate what Ms. Kristen brings to the class each month, and parents are given handouts with suggestions for bringing the music from class into the home.  The children look forward to Ms. Kristen’s visit each month, as do the teachers, who enjoy the fresh musical perspective to enhance the educational unit taking place in the classrooms.

Ms. Kristen and the drum circle
Mrs. Carroll loves to do the finger plays taught during Ms. Kristen’s Music Classes

Miss Kristen is my daughter’s highlight to her school week! She loves to come home and sing the songs they’ve learned! -Parent of Toddler Student