Preschool Activities

  • Wizard Experiment – We perform a simple science experiment that involves hypothesis, observation, and conclusion. For example, in our transportation unit, we have items that we try to roll down a ramp. We guess if it will roll, try it, and make some generalizations about the results.
  • Calendar – We name the month, discuss the weather, and count days.
  • Music – Includes singing songs, rhythm exercises, finger-plays, and musical instruments.
  • Story Time – As a group, the children listen to a story that relates to the current unit.
  • Art – We choose art projects that introduce your child to a variety of experiences. For example, during our health unit, we use electric toothbrushes to paint a tooth with a mint-smelling white paint.
  • Large Muscle Time – Your child can play outside in our play yard equipped with a wooden play structure, sandbox, basketball hoop, and climbing tires. We also have an indoor play-room equipped with climber, slide, large trucks, balance beam, and tumbling mats.
  • Free Play – Your child can choose from a variety of activities.
    • Sensory Table – Your child will explore pouring, filling, and molding with a variety of materials, including sand, water, beads, beans, rice, or snow.
    • Easel – Your child will have the opportunity to paint and draw on a full-sized easel.
    • Play dough – Every month we have a new color of play dough. Sometimes scents and/or glitter are added.
    • Dramatic Play – The teachers frequently change this corner of our classroom to become a housekeeping center, a market, a doctor’s office, a campsite, a flower shop, a submarine, a castle, a barn, or a pet store.
    • Free Art – Paper, glue sticks, hole punchers, markers, crayons, scissors, and stickers are available for free art creations every day.
    • Discovery Table – Exploratory science-related items are available on a rotating basis: light table, magnets, color tubes, magnifying glasses, scales, nature items, sound shakers, and texture boards.
    • Reading Corner – Books that relate to the current unit are available for all to enjoy.
    • Other items – Blocks, LEGOS®, trains, puzzles, dollhouse, garage, farm, castle, and a large variety of ‘manipulative’ toys are available on a rotating basis.


Our classroom thematic units include the things kids love: farms, colors/shapes, woodland animals, outer space, dinosaurs, caterpillars-butterflies, nursery rhymes, pets, transportation, under the sea, castles, and holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and Mother’s Day).