Special Events

Play Date with a Teacher – In early fall, each child receives a one-on-one visit at home from a teacher. It’s a chance for your child and his/her teacher to get to know each other while they spend special time together. The visit lasts about 45 minutes and includes playing with toys, a teacher-provided art project, and story time. While many families have told us how much they appreciate these visits, they are optional for you and your child.

Harvest Feast (preschool classes only) – Near Thanksgiving, we invite families to hear the children sing songs, perform a short story, and share a delicious feast that includes vegetable soup prepared by the children.

Fathers’ Night (preschool classes only) – One evening in the winter, the children and their dads (or another close family friend/relative) come to school to spend an hour playing, singing, and spending time together.

Mothers’ Day Tea (preschool classes only) – In May, moms (or another close family friend/relative) are invited to join the children for songs, a story, and a very special child-prepared snack.

Spring Jubilee – We celebrate our school year with an end-of-year party for all families that includes entertainment and refreshments.

Klode Park Picnic – On the last day of school, classes parade from school to nearby Klode Park for a potluck picnic with parents.