Toddler Activities

  • Special Person Sharing– Your child will bring an item from home to share with his/her classmates during circle time. We will play a guessing game and pass the item around to explore this special item.
  • Weather– Your child will use a chart to decide what our weather forecast is for the day. We will discuss what type of weather is happening and what appropriate dress would be for the day.
  • Music– Includes singing songs, rhythm exercises, finger plays and musical instruments
  • Story Time– As a group, the children listen to a story that relates to the current unit.
  • Art– As a group, we introduce the children to several types of mediums to explore and create.
  • Large Muscle Time– Your child can play outside in our play yard equipped with wooden play structure, sandbox, basketball hoop and climbing tires. We also have indoor play-rooms equipped with climber, slide, large trucks, balance beam and tumbling mats.
  • Free Play– Your child can choose from a variety of activities.
    • Sensory Table- Your child will explore pouring, filling and molding with a variety of materials, including sand, water, beads, beans,rice and snow.
    • Easel- Your child will have the opportunity to paint and draw on a full size easel.
    • Play Dough- Every month we have a new color of play dough. Sometimes a scent and/or glitter is added.
    • Dramatic Play- The teachers will change out dress up clothes and themed areas to allow imaginations to grow.
    • Reading Corner- Books will be changed out for each unit for all to enjoy.
    • Puzzle Table- Puzzles of all different types will be change out with every unit.
    • Block Play- Blocks of different sizes and textures will consistently be available for exploration.

Our classroom thematic units are designed with items kids love: colors/shapes, farms, snowman, Artic animals, transportation, zoo, bugs/flowers and holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day and Mother’s Day).