What Our Parents Say

What parents are saying about our program …

“I would and have encouraged anyone to attend CPS.  It’s a wonderful school that provides children an opportunity to learn through play and exploration.” … Katie Foy

“CPS is such a caring nurturing, supportive first school experience for our child and our family.  It’s been a thrill to see each of our three children grow at CPS.  Thank you!” … Sarah Martin

“All of my friends know that I love CPS, and that it is exactly what I was looking for in a preschool. Really, we couldn’t be happier about the first school experience.” … Christy Ziebarth

“…I’m extremely happy there.  I really love the participation that parents can and do have in the classroom and really feel involved in (Child’s) preschool experience so far.  And we are very pleased with the sincere, genuine, and kind teachers that are there.  I love the appropriate and perfect way they deal with everyday situations that may arise in the classroom.” … Kim Kemp

“Both teachers go above and beyond to meet and exceed the children’s needs and interests-allowing them to be creative and feel comforted.” … Faith Rudkin

“I can’t say enough good things about CPS.  It is a fantastic program, which I particularly love for the nurturing environment, stellar teachers, and the warm, supportive atmosphere they create.  Every detail is so well thought-out to bring out the best in each child and create a smooth, comfortable flow to each day.  We LOVE the idea of the Special Person and the daily science project.  (Child) has thrived with you. and I only wish we had another year to spend with you before K4.  Thank you with all my heart.” … Beth Bruch

“Selina and Ruth are wonderful teachers. They engage the children throughout the entire class with a variety of play, art, and learning. We love that our daughter comes home and is so excited to tell us about her day at school.”… Amy Mulcahy

“I love the sense of community. The families are friendly and the classroom is perfect for my developing child. The teachers really care and communicate well.”… Mary Pape

“We’d say it’s been a wonderful experience for us but especially for our children. Special person days are our favorite – it gives us the opportunity to really dedicate a day to our child and zero in on making him/her feel that much more special for a day. “… John & Amy Levek